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Over the years, marking attendance has come a long way: from outdated physical drilling in and out, to a more efficient attendance management system of simply swiping a card or using a fingerprint. So what has become of attendance marking and what does the future hold for accurate monitoring? In a word, “Geo attendance software“. Geofences are virtual perimeters created using the latitude, longitude, and radius of a location. The possibilities of taking advantage of this method for an organization to manage its employees are enormous. Trackteem innovative solution, Geo Mark, uses a smartphone’s GPS to accurately and effectively mark care.

These are some of the scenarios in which Geo Mark could help:

A small company could use this to save hardware costs and a large one for efficiency.For any company (mainly SMEs), every rupee counts. When it comes to assistive hardware, it’s an expense to be incurred to improve accuracy. However, this is no longer the case. With a simplefree mobile attendance , attendance can be recorded with minimal employee intervention. So for a small business, there will be no additional hardware costs, as well as one less component that could go wrong. For a larger company, this means that all employees can register accurately, regardless of location.

Medium and large manufacturing companies with plants in remote locations.

Many manufacturing and similar companies with plants / factories in multiple locations would normally have difficulty accurately managing the whereabouts of employees. They would have complicated systems in place with a constant threat of something going wrong with the hardware or software. With Geo tracking system with company logo, the employer can easily record attendance data, and the employee simply logs in from the free app, anywhere within the geographic fence.

Companies with personnel deployed at different sites for different projects.

Whether it’s a construction company, an architectural firm, or any organization that has staff working at different locations over a period of time, geofencing is a blessing. All the administrator has to do is establish a perimeter around the remote location where an employee works. Now, every time an employee enters that location, they can open the app and log in. This is done through the dedicated Mobile tracking software.

Trouble-free support data

A simple mistake can cost the company downtime and data loss. With an Attendance management software, there are no external hardware components to rely on. This ensures that you get accurate and trouble-free support data, at all times and at no additional cost . To conclude, at a time when we increasingly rely on technology in our everyday lives, choosing a tool that is efficient, reliable and affordable can make a difference .

Real time monitoring

Free Attendance tracking enables real-time tracking and provides automatic entries for payroll processing. This helps manage alternative payment programs and makes all information available in real time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities in real time.


Most Attendance tracking software are based on highly secure systems and architecture. Specifically, biometric systems are highly reliable and secure and can help prevent time theft, buddy hits, and reduce administrative costs from forgotten PINs and lost ID cards. These systems are particularly useful for organizations where security is a primary concern.


Inaccurate records can cost your organization a lot of money in overtime pay and can also violate labor laws, resulting in costly legal defenses and fines. Regulations require employers to track attendance and provide necessary compensation to their employees for any excess hours worked in a spirit of justice. An time and attendance tracking software that integrates with your payroll simplifies this process and makes it perfect.

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