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Attendance tracking data is useful for many people: managers, emptioloyees, employers, supervisors, accountants, but also teachers, students, and their parents.

There are also several ways to track employee attendance at your business or small business:

Mobile assistance system

This method of presence tracking for employees involves a GPS tracking system that tracks and confirms employee hours. Popular with people whose jobs involve a lot of field work, such as truck drivers, construction workers, etc.

Modern punching system

On the other hand, in the mobile attendance system, the employee mark their attendance by using face recognition or fingerprint to mark the entrance and exit, and this data is automatically transferred to a computer that automatically calculates the employee’s attendance.

Entering time into a spreadsheet

Entering time into a spreadsheet is a manual way to track presence employees enter their start time, end time, lunch start time, lunch end time, regular hours, overtime, total hours and other relevant data in an and it will make a record where your emplos has spend his time .

Watch stop

The term “attendance tracking” generally associates people with a certain “location” the employee arrives at a location when performing work and their mere presence confirms attendance. However, an employee attendance app allows you to confirm your attendance at work by tracking the exact time you spend working.

Employee Attendance App:

You are the one who enters your own entry and exit clock in the app so that you can check this data whenever you want. You can always check the attendance report of your employees, but time periods already approved can be locked for editing to ensure consistency of data throughout the documentation.

Mobile Attendance System:

If you are using an Android attendance app as your mobile attendance system, you can simply log in to check your attendance for a particular day or week, wherever you are.

Reduce absenteeism:

When you know that your attendance is being tracked, it will try to limit your unexcused absences.Provides data that shows how productive you are – When you track attendance, you can identify the days you spent working.

Tracking employee attendance is important for several reasons:

  • Supervisors can identify and address problems and inconsistencies in employee attendance .
  • Supervisors and managers get a simple account of employees’ working hours .
  • Managers get a way to create workable schedules based on realistic employee time .
  • Employees can easily work remotely and show evidence of their working hours .
  • Employees are always paid correctly and payroll becomes easier .
  • It’s easier to apply and have free time .
  • It becomes easier to schedule vacations .
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