Being a key element of quality control, product inspections allow you to verify product quality on-site at different stages of the production process and prior to shipment.

Accurate data for decision making.

Store and manage all your compliance, quality inspections, and audit data in one place. Collect accurate data in real time and make informed decisions from it.

Quality on the go

Follow inspections in-store, in the field, and in remote locations using mobile devices. Save time and create transparency This paperless system will save time with instant notifications, real-time reports of scheduled audits. Centralized communication and data provide more visibility of all processes.

Types of manufacturing inspection

Simple interface Quality inspection tools that were defined by manufacturing and record inspection data that will ensure compliance and trigger corrective actions online.

Assign, schedule and sign out

Schedule and assign user-specific inspections, audits, security processes, and maintenance. Establish a workflow that matches your operation and visibility requirements. Collect relevant information such as inspection details, photos, and signature verification and monitor from the production floor to the top floor.