Hospital and Healthcare Scheduling & Management

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Measure productivity

Along with time sheets and reports, you will have a direct view of individual statistics. Metrics such as employs start / end of shift and weekly / monthly hours worked can be a good input for performance reviews. Trackteem Healthcare gives you the tools you need to deliver high-quality, cost effective employs care within budget , while focusing on your most important resource With Trackteem you can easily manage complex scheduling within budget, while ensuring the delivery of high-quality employs care.

There is no purchase of hardware required

Our hospital time and attendance software provides cost information, reports, and analysis. The Trackteem hospital web based employee time and attendance tracking software requires only an Internet connection. Monitor staff movements, assign tasks, allow automatic access to authorized areas, and improve staff safety using Trackteem. With our system, hospital managers and directors are better able to care for staff members. Our technology enhances productivity with real-time location tracking of each staff member and multi-function software capabilities.

Effectively manage your medical staff attendance

Your employees will appreciate having the flexibility to add shifts to your schedule at any time. Our staffing solutions are available to employees from any Internet-capable device, Whether from the comfort of your home or from a computer at work, the Trackteem will provide your employees with greater control over their schedules, ensuring better employee satisfaction, and ultimately helping to increase the retention rate of your staff.

Up to 10 employees ana 1 employee group

$0.00 / user /mo

Up to 100 employees and 5 employee groups

$7.00 / user /mo

Unlimited employees -employees groups