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Today’s managers have to deal with a dynamic workforce. Flexible work schedules, part-time workers, and work-from-home consultants are a part of any HR manager’s life. But all human resource managers agree, one group that represents a great challenge is the sales force. The nature of your job makes it difficult to determine your location, as well as capture time and attendance.

With generating income primarily from staff in the field, capturing who’s working, when, and how much isn’t just a hassle, it can be quite a daunting task. It is also sensitive. Too many questions can create resistance and demotivate people. But on the other hand, without an adequate follow-up mechanism, staff often cannot justify their daily activities against their productivity, not to mention the expenses incurred by the organization for them.

But hey, now! Things are improving. Consider a world where l time and attendance capture is not just about good management, it is the foundation for unlocking potential, making smarter decisions, and thereby improving workforce performance.

Improved workforce efficiency

Trackteem #1 Time and attendance management help companies perform better by providing better visibility into workforce productivity. This information can be available on any device and analytics support decision making.

Automate and accelerate workforce attendance and time management processes. It enables employees to manage their weather-related information more easily on the mobile device of their choice. In turn, managers can access information from their team members and quickly approve time-off requests.

With workforce attendance management solution, companies can make it easier to plan for absences and keep time records for their employees, which can jump in staff productivity by approximately .

Increased finances

Huge cost savings help deliver a great bottom line for the organization. This tool helps control labor costs by reducing overpayments, which are often caused by transcription errors, misinterpretations, and intentional errors. Manual processes and the personnel required to maintain them are also eliminated. It is often difficult to comply with labor regulations, but a mobile attendance system is invaluable in ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance. Time and attendance systems hosted in the cloud are the easiest to implement and manage and reduce capital and maintenance expenses .

One of the biggest benefits is the additional financial information of your business, as it provides advance tracking system for costing and workforce distribution. It also provides enhanced views of your organization’s key performance indicators, including hours and wages, employee count, and scheduled / work status .

Workforce management: ensure the full potential of your people

Trackteem workforce management solution is a system in addition to time and attendance management. Trackteem enables complex programs and processes to be easily managed and automates the many processes required to efficiently distribute workers and streamline manager processes. There is no need to manually fill and archive paper, Trackteem workforce management software ensures operations run efficiently and smoothly.

Workforce planning system

Trackteem workforce planning system helps you ensure that there are the right number of people in the right places at the right times. The workforce management solution enables resource allocation to be based on the level of requirements set by customers, with budgets and skill requirements posted in the system. The correct allocation of resources is important for companies of any size, as the optimization of resources increases quality, productivity and profitability. By using high-quality workforce management software, employees are kept satisfied and motivated with the correct allocation of work hours and shifts.

Having the right people, in the right places, at the right time

The workforce management system involves many activities such as time and attendance, labor budget, scheduling, adherence, etc. All of these activities are included in workforce management software, either as an established function or as an integration, available to be used to increase your efficiency and give you a better idea of ​​what is happening in your business. With trackteem workforce management software, work scheduling and planning is highly flexible, and the robust system allows easy management of customer and employee work. Schedules can be created for your requirements from a multi-location customer site to a single location, varying frequencies and activities .

Any owner of a service business knows how important efficiency and effectiveness are. Managing the workforce, from field staff to management team, is part of optimizing processes to deliver improved efficiencies; This is where trackteem mobile workforce management software helps plan and works for you .

In addition to recording employee hours each day, time and attendance systems can:

  • Manage paid time off.
  • Manage employee schedules.
  • Monitor overtime expenses.
  • Provide detailed reports on labor expenses.
  • Integrate with payroll services.
  • Monitor mobile employees across geographic location .
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