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In addition to the basic need to monitor work time information, time and attendance software for hospitals and medical facilities must be fully customized to accommodate changing work patterns and rules. There is also a need to support flexible and shift work in multiple locations.

Non-standard hours are a way of life in medical and healthcare facilities. From maintenance personnel to doctors, nurses and technicians, each position must be staffed and accounted for 24 hours a day to provide continuous and safe patient care. But time and attendance management is not just about generating work schedules. To be profitable, the implemented system must save vital management time, reduce administrative costs, and have protocols in place to protect both employees and facilities.

Medical / Health

These facilities need an employee healthcare staff attendance that can track employee hours, schedule shifts, and provide payroll processing functions. They also want the ability to create reports on those hours, keep track of vacation days, sick days, and allow employees to check in at a wide variety of locations. They need managers to be able to track which employee is working at which location, track where they need to go, approve shift changes, and be able to check hours online.

Assisted living

Assisted living facilities require biometric time tracking, the ability to track time in multiple locations, log leave and personal time off (PTO, adjust scheduling, and a supervisor self-service feature that allows them to manage their direct and indirect reports.

Nursing home

Many facilities are currently using fingerprint scanners, but are exploring other biometric options. In addition to the need to schedule employees in multiple departments, the scheduling software must adhere to union rules so that an available shift automatically goes to the next person on the roster based on seniority. Mobile tracking software should also be able to record employee time so that management can have better visibility of where each employee is working and what they are doing. There is also a need to calculate vacation hours, overtime, and take into account any special situations.


At its most basic, employee time and scheduling solutions should be the same for any industry, being an agreement between employers and employees detailing how, when and where work is done. For optimal success, it should not be a strict set of rules and regulations set by the employer, but rather a set of protocols devised and agreed upon by both the employer and the employee.

But the medical and healthcare industry poses unique challenges. Physicians, nurses, technicians, and health care assistants have physically and emotionally stressful jobs that require personal interactions and extreme attention to detail. Add to that challenging work schedules and understaffing, and a stressful situation can get even worse.

Healthcare staff attendance are designed to improve employee efficiency, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. They also save medical facilities time and money that can be better spent on community-demanded programs and services .

Attendance control software for hospitals and healthcare facilities

The Employee time and attendance tracking software for hospitals or nursing homes not only monitors employees’ work schedules, but also collects attendance information that companies can analyze to find better ways to increase productivity and reduce costs and administration time.

Biometric time and attendance for healthcare organizations

This system is especially effective for ID verification, preventing employees from borrowing cards from each other to gain access to controlled areas, reducing time and attendance fraud and “buddy timing” where an employee marks the on or off of the other.

Time allocation and work costing

The ability to accurately manage performance and labor costs is critical in healthcare facilities. Job time and cost allocation systems provide the ability to measure the capacity and efficiency of departments and employees, and make quick decisions on priorities. These capabilities become even more important when facilities have the need to manage people and teams across multiple sites. Mobile tracking software system also enables planning of daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centers, comparing planned tasks and budgets with those already accomplished, and the ability to track projects by hours, quantity, or cost .

Mobile workforce solutions

It is common for healthcare workers to perform their duties at various sites during the day, as well as to keep in touch with management while traveling from one place to another. healthcare staff attendance app improve productivity by making it easy for supervisors and employees to complete a wide range of administrative and work-related tasks from anywhere, anytime. Employees and supervisors can access the system through mobile devices that they are already familiar with, such as tablet, Android and more). The system gives employees the ability to time in or out, or in and out of specific jobs, from remote job sites, request vacations, and review their job information in real time .

Management of absences

Sick days in a medical or health center can generate generalized disorders. Covering the shift requires bringing in other team members who previously had the day off, or perhaps hiring temporary staff, which often means higher pay rates. Additionally, replacement employees often require specialized training to perform time-consuming work that could have been spent in more productive ways .

Hospital employee scheduling

Managing the work schedules of employees or nurses in hospitals in a cost-effective and fully compliant way can be a complicated and time-consuming task in a medical or healthcare facility, especially if the facility has a flexible working time policy .

Human resources management

Human resource departments in a medical or healthcare facility are faced with the challenge of managing a large volume of employee data, the need for a single, integrated system for employee records, comprehensive analysis, detailed reports and audits periodic. Thehealthcare staff attendance management is designed to manage employee working hours and absenteeism, and assist in recruiting and training new employees more efficiently .

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Effectively manage your medical staff attendance

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