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 Track teem   Monday, August 10, 2020


Trackteem #1 task management software that helps internal teams and agencies improve collaboration, visibility, and accountability. It is a flexible task management solution that helps you manage the entire project life cycle from start to finish .

Make project management faster

Trackteem has a host of features designed to make project management faster and more efficient. Use task management system to help add structure to your work with projects and milestones – create lists of tasks, tasks, and subtasks to break work into action items for your team. You can add due dates and other important information like priority, description, supporting documents, or labels.Team management system is more than just a task-tracking tool – it comes with a great feature set, so it takes a little time to get up to speed.

Advanced reporting system

The Free Field tracking software is a scalable solution, suitable for companies of any size. The on-call monitoring system grows with your business, as it is easy to add users and teams to the system.A smartphone app that makes it easy to report incidents from the field. Whether your clients are large or small companies, they will benefit from trackteem reports that provide proof of rounds completed and checkpoints visited. Advanced reports enable transparency, which can be further increased with end-user access to online reports. Various add-on modules allow efficiency and security improvements where you need them, for example Tool Management keeps track of keys or tools used between employees and locations. Know where your employees are tools are .

Real-time on-call monitoring

No need to manually download monitoring data, all data is available online in real time. Where traditional on-call monitoring solutions require devices to be collected in the office for manual data download, the mobile attendance solution is real-time and all data is available online to access via the Internet at any time and place. Trackteem team monitoring solutions can be used via phones designed for filed monitoring or a smartphone app that enables real-time reporting. Management does not need to wait for the teams to return to the office to access their tour data or to view incident reports with images .

Advantage of using free team management system

  • we’ll take care of the IT side, just access it from anywhere you want on your internet browser.
  • Available whenever you need it, as long as you have a device online.
  • Easy to use, no need to download massive programs.
  • Integration to your payroll allows precision in wages, without the need to worry about manual time cards, human errors in calculation and data entry.
  • Profitability increases through more efficient billing, workforce management, and higher customer retention rates.
  • Know where your employees are ensuring their safety, get reports on the time they spend at customer locations, receive alerts about absences or overtime, and reduce customer complaints
    Reduction in grievances with employees with the ability to test and track time and attendance – Eliminate the time cheat.
  • Improved employee productivity through easy work scheduling and planning
  • Report automation improves internal and external transparency.
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