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When managers don’t have a little clue about their field staff, how can you think of managing them? Such has been the history of sales management, most often if it includes field staff. But the technology boost in recent years has provided a solution for field employees in the form of a Free Field tracking software .

This is a specifically innovative solution that strengthens the basic principles of the management system through real-time data accessibility and competent location tracking .Let’s dig a little deeper to explore the possibilities of sales management with this amazing tool . This will decisively change the future of sales for the better .

Sales management issues

Sales management is actually an undermined business problem that has haunted both small and large companies. If a company conducts its sales operations efficiently, the company will progress smoothly with the help of geo tracking with company logo .

It’s really disappointing to say, but sales is the most hectic and complicated part of a business . It is no wonder then that many companies struggle and collapse over time only due to low sales productivity . Every year, many companies are buried due to a shortage of sales and a deficit in income . The reason is basically one or the same for 90% of those businesses, that is, low sales productivity .

What is the problem?

As I said, if a manager is not aware of his team’s activities while working in the field, he could never manage them productively . In the end, all the manager can do is satisfy his frustration by expelling the poor. But does it really solve the basic problem? No, it is not, and to be honest, it hardly comes close to being a solution . So don’t worry about the solution the trackteem is providing the most advanced geo tracking softwarethat will help you to keep an eye on your employees .

Track employee activities while working

The activities of an employee until he works in the office are captured with various tools. Just for random monitoring of your work from time to time and managing them productively. Although, an employee who works on the office premises is always under his radar. Still, many companies practice monitoring tools to ensure the team is working the way it should. So that the business does not suffocate under a lethargic sales process . But this tool is most efficient; it is providing mobile tracking software with face recognition that will help you to know that your employees are spending their office time on work or sitting idle .

Keep an eye on field staff

The sales process is an organized effort that must be constant and consistent. So when your staff works in the field, you must have the authority to direct them to extract better results. However, most companies have realized the importance of monitoring, but ignore their productivity in the field. Most sales managers gradually accept the lack of transparency of field activities and accept it as an integral part of field sales .Don’t worry about this issue GPS-based attendance is the solution of this problem . which is free of cost and help to moniter your field staff .

The Future of Sales Management!

Free Field tracking software is essentially a way to maintain transparency and this is the reason that makes it a brighter prospect for managing your sales force. Transparency is the root of this problem and if one could successfully tackle it the sales manager will be much easier and more convenient .

Reasons why Field tracking software is a perfect management solution

It is actually a big problem for a manager to find out where his team is at any time. But Geo tracking software has really made it easy for managers to keep their eyes on team members while they work away. Such accessibility is very useful for establishing a health management system. The fact that all smartphones are equipped with a free mobile attendance makes it even easier to use .

Time management

A major concern about the sales process in the field is that it is more time consuming than one would actually expect. Few team members become habitual of losing their work hours while traveling from one place to another. When a person knows that there is no way the manager can calculate the time he/she lost during work hours, she would take it easy. But if a manager has the specifics of how each team member spends their work hours by tracking their activities throughout the time they’re supposed to be working, it can really make a big difference .and it is only possible with Attendance tracking software

Expense management

The field force, as its name suggests, actively participates in field work. You must provide expenses for travel and other conditional expenses for field employees. That is possibly difficult to maintain.Why? Because there is no precise way to calculate travel distances and the occasional instances of counterfeit figures are not surprising. GPS-based attendance can be done easily and accurately by using the GPS satellite tracker to measure the total distance covered by a person .

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