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 Track teem   Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Conducting paperless audits and inspections is better for the environment and better for your pocket. Minimize the use of paper and expenses on audits and inspections. Our mobile inspection software will save you a significant amount of time and money by dramatically reducing your administrative tasks and maximizing your time in the field.

How does the Trackteem audit software work?

Trackteem Audit is a fully customizable software solution that allows you to schedule any audit or inspection for a handheld or Tablet PC. We give you all the tools you need to start scheduling your own inspection the way you want it. Trackteem reporting and analysis software allows you to easily customize your reports and view your results within minutes after your inspection.

Set monthly goals

The best way to involve employees in the program is to “Set monthly goals and incentivize those goals.” This process could be as simple as asking employees to submit a certain number of observations in each time period. Incentives should also be used to positively reinforce good safety behavior. Doing so will increase worker acceptance, participation, and acceptance of the program.

Using this trackteem auditing software will allow you to improve your compliance and automate the management of non-conformities. You will do a better audit or inspection in less time.
We guarantee it.

Main benefits for auditors, inspectors and registrars

Easy to use photos

Photos are inserted directly into your report where you want them to be. No need to print images separately or find which image goes where. Trackteem Audit does it for you.

Capture the information as you wish.

Use freehand notes, GPS locations, default answer selections, and notes, checklists, or cells; The possibilities are endless.

Integrate various audit reports.

Anyone who works in a team of auditors will appreciate how easy it is to combine multiple audit reports with the click of a button. It’s that easy with trackteem mobile inspection.

Maximum flexibility.

Because Trackteem Audit uses a sophisticated cell format, you can perform your audit or inspection in any order you like. Go from department to department and your report will still appear on its own at the end. All the information is organized for you .

Construction site safety audit case study

Now all I have to do when I get to the office is print the audit report and the photo page. This is where I really see the benefit of this software: in the amount of time we are saving on administrative tasks.

Read what current Trackteem Audit users are saying

“Using this innovative tool alleviates a lot of extra work, especially for the lead auditor. It’s a tool that helps me do a better audit.

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