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Construction Menagement

As countries around the world focus their efforts on urbanization and gentrification, construction is becoming increasingly important in society. Therefore, with this change in priority, the major emphasis should be on effective and efficient inspections. Trackteem is the ideal construction inspection software to manage these risks faster, simpler and smarter and is a proven solution with custom configurations to meet your unique needs.

Real-time Employees Location Tracking

Whenever you are at one of your client’s sites, our construction management app allows you to record any issues or inspection items you see on a tour. Just mark it on the sheet with the correct location and trade, and document with a couple of photos. Everything is tracked on our building inspection platform and is immediately shared with your subcontractors.

Multiple Types of Authentications

Getting rid of paper and pencil forms in the field and replacing them with a mobile solution has many advantages. With a digital site inspection checklist, your inspection checklist will never be out of date and inspectors will carry fewer things. With a mobile solution, standards are predefined and, as questions are answered, they are measured directly against them. This allows the inspector to easily identify non-compliance issues on site and reduces human error and ensures accuracy.

Real-time Employees Location Tracking

The Trackteem app makes it easy to do construction inspections. With our mobile construction app, you can set up custom inspection checklists, perform the inspection itself, and effortlessly generate your construction inspection report.

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