Capture Incidents

Our Incident and Observation Management

Incidents & Observations Management

Our Incident and Observation Management module enables you and all members of your organization to submit incident reports, conduct proactive hazard identification through observations or report any type of safety event, and train your EHS team to process and investigate such incidents or hazards in one place, track their status, create and assign actions, and produce specialized reports.

Capture key information as soon as it happens

Don’t let any detail get lost. Capture information and evidence immediately so you have everything you need for an effective root cause analysis and full investigation.

improve your safety culture

Engage employees in your organization and improve your safety culture by enabling them to submit incident and hazard identification reports via mobile devices.Attach documents, photos, files, links, and other relevant information for fast, centralized access and reference.

Modern incident reporting

With advancements in technology, a modern incident reporting system should be web-based, cross-platform and able to provide an organisation with live data and performance indicators, strengthened with rich content such as annotated images, GPS functionality. Our incident management software is the perfect solution.